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Parkersburg drivers know that taking care of their new Land Rover is important to keeping it going for years to come. One important aspect of vehicle care that some drivers may overlook is tire care. It might sound silly saying some drivers forget to care for the tires that keep them on the road, but it’s true. But tire care is extremely important to the overall health of your car and integral to your safety. The team at Land Rover Charleston has compiled a list of some common tire care tips. Let’s take a look at why this is so important!

Why is Tire Care Important?

Taking care of your tires can help you in many ways. Not only will it keep your driving smoothly around the Wheeling streets, but it will save you in more ways than one. Taking good care of your tires means:

  • Regular tire maintenance helps prevent future costly repairs
  • Can help extend the life of your tires, thus preventing costly tire replacements from happening too often
  • Surprisingly, proper tire care can help decrease fuel costs over time
  • Above all, tire care keeps you safe. Well taken care of tires are safer and more capable of doing their job properly.

Replacing your tires, or servicing them, can be a costly task. Thankfully, Land Rover Charleston has a rotating selection of service specials for you to take advantage of, so check up on those when the time comes!

How to Properly Care for Your Tires

  • Routine Inspections: The easiest way to prevent future problems and costs is to routinely check your tires. Inspect them for general wear, punctures, and other issues.
  • Tire Pressure: Properly inflated tires can mean the difference between good and bad grip while driving. Make sure to double check tire pressure often, especially before long road trips.
  • Be Conscious of Your Speed: High speed driving makes your tires more vulnerable to wear, puncture, and air loss. Maintain level speed, and with Land Rover vehicles, make sure to be extra wary when traveling off-road.
  • Do Not Overbear Your Car: The load capacity of your vehicle should be taken very seriously for many reasons, one of them being your tires. With a heavy load, tires can suffer faults or even destruction in serious cases.
  • Utilize Your Spare: Whether you have a normal spare or a full-size spare, use it if you find or detect issues in one of your tires and make sure to see a professional for a replacement as soon as you can.

Land Rover Charleston Has All Your Service Needs!

Should you encounter trouble with your new or used Land Rover around the streets of Huntington, bring it over the Land Rover Charleston to get it fixed. We have great service and parts specials and an expert staff to help you. If you any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us online today!

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