What Is Land Rover InControl®?

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Land Rover InControl® lets drivers communicate with their Land Rover vehicle from anywhere, anytime. By combining both modern smartphone technology and the Land Rover brand’s advanced interior electronics, Land Rover InControl provides drivers with the ability to interact with their vehicle and the outside world simultaneously.

In the Car

Land Rover InControl isn’t just an application but a full suite of features which can be used on several devices. InControl Touch, for instance, uses a given Land Rover vehicle’s 8-inch touchscreen with incorporated touch and swipe controls. The system allows drivers to:

  • Use a modern navigation system with 3D maps
  • Control the infotainment system with voice controls
  • Apply integrated climate control and entertainment

InControl gives drivers a whole new way to enjoy their Land Rover vehicle. Rain or shine, our Charleston dealership can provide you with the inside entertainment to make it through the whole year.


The Land Rover InControl suite, though, wouldn’t be complete without smartphone integration. Much like InControl Touch, InControl Remote provides a variety of ways in which drivers can interact with their vehicles except that it can all be done from your Apple or Android smartphone. By interacting with InControl Remote, drivers can lock or unlock their doors remotely. When the weather becomes too hot or too cold, drivers can remotely turn on their vehicle’s heating or air conditioning, making the entire driving experience more enjoyable. With the Route Planner App, drivers can not only locate their Land Rover vehicle more easily by being directed to it.  At Land Rover Charleston, we have a history of providing our drives with the latest information and technology, which is why we are excited about Land Rover InControl.

Land Rover in the 21st Century

By combining both InControl Touch and InControl Remote, drivers can make the most of their Land Rover vehicle. Connecting the two provides Real Time Traffic Flow, pulling information from millions of traffic feeds.

For more information on Land Rover InControl, contact us directly at (304) 746-0500 or visit our location at 7 Dudley Farms Lane.

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